Return & Repair

► Warranty Policy

  • One-year warranty has granted to each of shipped products from CiS. Excepted RFID cards and tags..etc the
    daily consumed items.
  • NOT included manually destroy, miss-operation, illegally applied on improper system, abused or damaged from natural
    action like storm, rain..etc, or human action like battle, war…etc or repairing product without return to CiS. Extended warranty and unlimited lifetime warranty available at cost.


► Differentiation of RMA & DOA

  • DOA (Defect On Arrival) Defected on Arrival: DOA request should be proposed in ONE Month upon receipt of goods.
  • IRMA (In Warranty of Return Merchandise Authorization): Goods shipped but still in the warranty period.
  • ORMA (Out of Warranty Return Merchandise Authorization): Goods shipped but over warranty period.


► Process of RMA & DOA

  • Download RMA Request Form, customer needs to fill out the company and product data in RMA request form
    (includes company name, address, phone and fax number, e-mail address, product number and the description for
    each faulted product), then e-mail to seles.
  • After we receive the RMA request form, we will check the data completed or not and give you a RMA number immediately. Please do not send the faulted product before we give you RMA number. And we also want to advice you that CiS technology has the right to return the faulted product with no RMA number to you.


► Package and Delivery

  • Please package the faulted product well to avoid from damage in the delivery process before you send it back. And we
    also want to advice that you need to take the risk of damage again or missing in the delivery. In order to less the accident,
    we suggest you can choose the delivery company that has more responsibility or which can provide the guarantee.
  • Please sign the RMA number on the obviously position of the outside before you send it.
  • When foreign customer send the fix one back, please mark this is faulted product on invoice and packing list in order to
    avoid the fax of import.
  • Please inform us the delivery date, amount and tracking number after you send it back.


► Test for Faulty Product

  • Our person will test the product by the description of RMA request form. If the product has no problem after we identify,
    we will take the charge for test and delivery.
  • If the breakdown situation same like the description of RMA request form, it will transfer to our fix engineer.
  • If the breakdown situation different from the description of RMA request form, or another damage from delivery process,
    we will contact with customer to make sure the condition before we fix it.
  • All testing will finish in 3 days after we receive it, then we will inform customer testing condition and fix time we need.


► Fix Service

  • Our engineer will fix the condition that customer described, and test again to make sure the product can operate well after
    we fixed it.
  • CiS technology will inform customer if we did not find other problem. If customer no response in 48 hours, the product
    will be handle as normal product.


► Charge

  • Defect on arrival: CiS technology will exchange for new one by our stock situation. The delivery charge to send back
    will take by customer, and the delivery charge to send to customer will take by CiS technology.
  • IRMA: customer has the warranty service to fix for free, but the delivery charge to send back will take by customer, and
    the delivery charge to send to customer will take by CiS technology.
  • DOA, IRMA but the damage belong to destroy on purpose and over warranty period, customer will take all delivery charge
    and real fix charge (for example, the fix time and components expense).


► Package and Delivery

  • The RMA product after fixed will attach the fix report and package well.
  • The RMA number and amount will mark obviously on the outside.
  • We will inform customer the RMA number, the delivery date and tracking number.