Time & Attendance Recorder

Companies of all sizes use time and attendance processes to gather information about the amount of time employees spend on the job.

The most common tracking is the capture of an accurate time each employee reports to work and the actual hours that they work. Other companies track detailed information on each work task or job that is performed during the day.

Time tracking devices were invented many years ago to help ease the burden of manually recording time and attendance data on paper.

IBM was originally called International Time Recorder, located in Endicott, NY. Antique pendulum based wall clocks can be found in today’s market that were adapted to manually record data to paper based cards.

Tracking and reporting on employee attendance, absence, and staff whereabouts during the day is essential for WHS compliance. Time and attendance systems based on honour, manual records keeping, swipe or proximity cards are fine in many cases. However, the fact remains they are open to abuse and manipulation and do have a higher overhead, especially when times must be reported and processed manually. HR / Payroll reports an average of 2-4% overpay due to current biometric technology that is widely used. ‘Buddy Punching’, and ‘Code swapping’ are the 2 main issues that companies have.

As no two Fingerprints feature the exact same characteristics, Fingerprint Reader assures your companies HR dept that fraud and errors can be reduced to Zero as the data collected cannot be manipulated, therefore this will produce payroll accuracy. From that point on, to “punch in” or “punch out”, the individual simply places his or her finger on the scanner for recognition. The owner/employer/etc. can then filter the data to generate customized reports of a single employee, several employees, over any time period, etc.

Capture Innovative Solutions  sells many fingerprint terminals which can be used for Accurate Attendance Recording System. Some of them are as mentioned below. Our wide range of attendance systems are widely accepted by various industries. In order to improve the work efficiency, companies install attendance punching machine that not only provides access control but works as a time attendance recorder. With help of such devices, keeping time track has become convenient. Complete HR policy through software can be integrated with employee time attendance management biometrics. Not only just limited to fingerprint, time attendance system can be of palm vein biometrics, facial recognition biometrics or IRIS biometrics. Time attendance machine can be of any one of above type. Company provides time attendance solutions to all main areas of metro and mega cities in India.