Access Control

CiS access control solution can be used as a primary form of access control or as a supplement to existing measures within a building or security master control system. It is an automated biometric system that can replace card readers and integrates with other security processes and master systems, including fire alarm dashboard. It eliminates risks surrounding unauthorised access and also provides detailed reports about employee and visitor movements. Main outcomes: • Increased security and accuracy – Security is guaranteed for your staff, visitors, assets and information because the system cannot be compromised in the way it can be with PINs, cards or keys.

• Reduction in administrative overheads – Manual systems involve manpower to manage cards/keys while biometric systems require very little administration. Card replacement costs are usually £25+. Fob replacement £15+.

• Ongoing cost reduction – Affordable, one-time investment provides a turn-key solution with no ongoing costs of ownership as there are no cards to replace and little maintenance required (Saving money on facilities co-ordinator)

• High capacity – Fast and accurate detection of unique features of the face or fingerprints at each access point with the capacity to handle high-traffic throughput.

• High Level Interface with other systems – CiS access control solution can be easily integrated with other security systems so you can leverage new value form your existing security investment whilst enhancing overall security.

• Centralised system – Policies, configuration, rules and reports can be managed for the entire enterprise and all its sites from one location.

• Flexibility – Easy to configure and adapt, the system caters for multiple technologies, visitor/access control scenarios and as your needs grow or change, the system grows and changes with you. New devices and technology can be embedded in as little as two weeks.