BioTime II TA System

BioTime II TA System

bt1BioTime II terminal can be now option with TA System (Time Attendance)and AC System (Access Control), or COMBO (Access & Attendance system). Also, provide BioTime II comes with CiS fine selected fingerprint module. Suitable for fast speed fingerprint verification, small on -site user account(500~1000 user accounts), also make BioTime II terminal cost-effective solution.


BioTime II TA System Key Features:

Cost-effective solution with Fingerprint/RFID/PIN 3 in 1 verifications
Selectable system for TA or AC or Combo system without upgrade code
Web Badsed management for employees/Users/System configurations
First-in Last-out report export from Web Server
Inbuilt Relays for door exit button/door sensor/door lock
On screen setup menu provide for easier configuration from terminal
Live monitoring with access logs and user images (IP Camera required)

BioTime II TA System Applications:

1~1000 Users small offices suitable
Central management can be realized over WAN/Internet
TA Software provide for advanced settings (CiS -Lite/CiS)
Access control with Attendance managmenet 2 in 1
External small printer and LCD screen can be attached for receipt/time/name display

BioTimeII TA System Specifications:

Model No. BioTime II-TA BioTime II-AC BioTime II- Combo
Fingerprint Capacity
(Suprema Module Option)
500 Account (1000FP)
1500 Account (3000FP)
500 Account (1000FP) 1500 Account (3000FP) 500 Account (1000FP)
1500 Account (3000FP) 2500 Account (5000FP) 5000 Account (10000FP)
Suprema: 9500Account/ 9500FP Suprema: 9500Account/ 9500FP Suprema: 9500Account /9500FP
CardHolder Capacity 500/1500/20000 Account (50000 extentable) 500/1500/20000 Account (50000 extentable) 20000 Account (50000 extentable)
Door Controlled 1 1 1
External Reader (Wiegand) 1 1 1
Exit Button 1 1 1
Door Lock 1 1 1
RS485 Communication 1 1 1
TCP Internet Communication 1 1 1

► BioTime II -TA Attendance Functionalities Check List

BioTime-II-TA  Attendance Functionalities
Verification Option By User Account (Door Setup will be hidden)
User Account  (by Fingerprint Module) Total account FP template Max.FP registered /ppl (Fingerpirnt Module)
500/1500 1000/3000 1-10 Suprema module option
Backup/Restore Backup/Restore user database (database.cfg) by Web server
Software CiS (Server-Client) / CiS (Attendance Module) provide
First In Last Out First in last out records check and export log from Web Server
Double Clock In Provide
Function Key F1:On Work/F2:Off Work/F3:Over-Time Start/ F4:Over-Time End (Modify by Web)
Relay Switch Exit Button /Door Lock / Ring /(TA machine not support Event Handle)
External Equipment Support RS485 interface devices: Default:: 1.Mini Printer (SH24) 2. LED Displayer (8 Characters)
BioTime II TA & AC Difference
Door Sensor Detective e-mail alarm Still open delay time Bypass APB
BioTime-II-AC 1.N/A
2.Normal open/close
3.Circuit Short/Open

BioTime II TA System Working Structure: