Ever organisation has its own set of rules and regulations regarding office management, duty timings, leave rules, holidays etc. These rules may differ from employee to employee or a group of employee’s. Computerisation increases efficiency, reduces duplication and also reduces the deals involved due to manual work. A lot of routine paper work can be eliminated and smooth working can be ensured. Thus time trace becomes an integral part of organisation

Efficiency of any organisation mainly depends upon the optimum use of the available resources. The time trace software deals with effective control of man power, which is the most sensitive resource and need to be controlled effectively and efficiently.

An employee is one of the key performing asset of any company. It becomes imperative for any company to keep trace employee’s activities. One of the method is to keep trace of daily attendance of the employee’s. In earlier days we had the concept of attendance register then a punch card, and today we have biometric type of attendance recording machines.

The main focus of the time trace software is to keep trace of the employee’s attendance. It also maintain’s and provides information that can be used by any other software like payroll and sage.

  • Real time Device Management – ( Auto download data in real time with windows service )
  • Web SMS-   You can send real-time SMS for attendance. User can send the manual SMS also.
  • Auto Synchronization -Master devices to slave device: Once enrolled in the master device, the data to slave device is automatically updated/deleted(Devices with new firmware supports this feature)
  • Block & Unblock users :- Block and Unblock users through software to the devices( Device with new firmware supports this feature)
  • New Advance Leave Module:
  • Auto Leave Allotment By Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly and Yearly
  • Auto Leave Allotment After Date of Joining or Date of Confirmation
  • Leave avail after Date Of Joining, Date of Confirmation and After certain months of employment completed.
  • Leave Allotment by Category(Since Different category can have different Leave Allotment Limit)
  • Track Employee Leave Credit History
  • Multiple shift/ Auto shift:- You can assign Multiple shifts in a Day .
  • Database support – MS SQL /Oracle( Oracle 8i,10g express, 11G express, 10g enterprise edition,11G enterprise edition ,11G professional)
  • Parallel Data base export- You can export data to ERP or other database simultaneously
  • It works on the concept of push data. This solution requires One server and one public IP. This eliminates the installation of servers/software all over the branches. Supports ALL Push data &  GPRS devices .
  • Various format of reports. You can define label format in the reports.
  •  Employee Self Service module (ESS)- Supports both Desktop and Web version