LF10 Tenprint Live Scanner


LF10 Tenprint Live Scanner

The LF10 is the first tenprint and rolled fingerprint scanner with integrated Spoof Detection / Liveness Detection against fake fingerprints and against cut-off fingers. Dedicated special light sources and optical technology for “Liveness Detection” are ensuring the highest possible security against attacks with fake fingers and even against attacks with cut-off fingers.

This is the ultimate in live scan security.

Unbeaten image quality is another major advantage of the LF10 scanner. Latest optics and live scan technology ensures the best possible image quality for plain tenprints or slap prints as well as for rolled fingerprints. Compare it yourself! Even the pores can be seen in the “enlargement” mode.

This is the ultimate in fingerprint quality.

Capturing of rolled fingerprints is another feature of the LF10 scanner. And the beauty is that you can get the LF10 together with a complete package of latest software and comprehensive SDKs for your applications, including e.g.

  • WSQ Fingerprint Image Compression, FBI certified
  • Automatic NIST Fingerprint Image Quality Checking Module
  • Automatic Fingerprint Segmentation Module
  • Spoof and Liveness Detection Integration Module
  • Fingerprint Coding and Matching Routines are also available.
  • This is the ultimate in live scan software modules.


LF10 Features

  • Integrated hardware for liveness detection
  • Anti-spoofing to prevent attacks with fake fingers or cut-off fingers


Image Quality

  • Optical Scanning Area 81mm x 81mm
  • Scan resolution 500 ppi
  • Grey Scale Greater than 8 Bit, yielding over 256 gray scale depth
  • Conformity FBI IQS Appendix F certified


Technical Data

  • Dimensions 163mm x 120mm x 238mm
  • Operations Temperature 0C – 50C
  • Interface USB 2.0 High Speed