Single door RFID Access Controller Reader

Single door RFID Access Controller Reader

sdrf1BFT-830W is a RFID identification based reader controller that is generally used to single entrance security or small office as time attendance recorder. BFT-830W can also work as totally standalone or to be integrated with PC thru TCP/IP. BFT-830W can be connected with multidoor controllers directly as a RFID access control reader mode in an access control system.


BFT-830W Features

Standalone/ Reader mode
USB and Voice indication option
Door Bell support
Fire alarm / Door Sensor inputs
Bulit-In Embedded web server
Card + Password/ Lock Release / Exit button Time Zones
Holidays/Function Keys/Ring Setting
Time Set/Time Zone/ Groups Setting

 BFT-830-W Specifications
Verification Mode Card /Password
Software Application CiS
Card Capacity 20,000
Communications TCP/IP, Wiegand/RS485
DIO Support DI: 3 / DO: 2
Inbuilt Relays(Max. power loading) Door Lock/Ring(120VAC,0.5A/30VDC,1A)
Option USB/Voice Indicator
System Log 1,536 entries
Entry Log 65,535 entries
Time Zone/Time Set/Group 255/120/255 Sets
Holiday/Ring Yes/Yes
Remote Control/Event Handle Yes/Yes
Fast Registry Yes
Function Key 400 (Auto/Manual)
Anti-Pass Back/Anti Duress Yes/Yes
Power Consumption 440mA±5%
Power Requirement 9~24VDC/1A
Operation Temperature 0℃~55℃
Operation Humidity 5%~80% RH
Dimension/Weight 125x145x33mm/340g

SoMac 2.2 Server-Global Client Servics Descriptions:
Server to Multi-Client connection thru LAN/WAN/VPN Optional Chart
Standard Server Free Charge, can access full functionality from the computer which installed SoMac Server
1 Client 1 USB Dongle with 1 Client License Key
5 Client 1 USB Dongle with 5 Client License Key
10 Client 1 USB Dongle with 10 Client License Key
15 Client 1 USB Dongle with 15 Client License Key
20 Client+ 1 USB Dongle with Unlimit Client License Key
Note 1. Somac Server requires USB Dongle which programmed with different levels License Key
2. Pricing for different connection should be based on (Number)Client * Baisc Cost.
3. Checking with CiS staff for Server-Client request & offer

BFT-830W Applications:


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