BioTime II Fingerprint Access Controller


bt1BioTime II Terminal can be now option with TA System (Time Attendance), AC System (Access Control), or COMBO System (Access&Attendance system). Also, provide BioTime II comes with CiS fine selected fingerprint module. Suitable for fast speed fingerprint verification, small user account(500~1000 persons). The changes also make BioTime II terminal a cost-effective solution.


BioTime II Key Features
Fast Registry Function
Proprietary Access Control Software Provide
Real-Time Log looks up/Download/Export Reports (Web Server & Software)
Support Multi-Badge Function
Selectable Bypass mode: Registered/Facility Code/All
Easy setup for Anti-Passback functionBioTime II Applications

Suitable for small to medium offices/compounds/institutions Access Control
Additional Mini printer/External LCD equipment can be connected
Inbuilt relays to connect exit button/lock for door access controlBioTime II Series Option (TA/AC/COMBO)

BioTime II TA/AC/Combo Optional Table
Model No. BioTime II-TA BioTime II-AC BioTime II- Combo
Fingerprint Capacity (CiS & Suprema Module Option) 500 Account (1000FP)
1500 Account (3000FP)
500 Account (1000FP)
1500 Account (3000FP)
500 Account (1000FP)
1500 Account (3000FP)
2500 Account (5000FP)
5000 Account (10000FP)
Suprema: 9500 Account /9500FP Suprema: 9500 Account /9500FP Suprema: 9500 Account/ 9500FP
CardHolder Capacity (Suprema) 500 /1500/(20000 Account (50000 extentable)) 500 /1500 /(20000 Account (50000 extentable)) 20000 Account (50000 extentable)
Door Controlled 1 1 1
External Reader (Wiegand) 1 1 1
Exit Button 1 1 1
Door Lock 1 1 1
RS485 Communication 1 1 1
TCP Internet Communication 1 1 1

BioTime II AC Functionalities Check List

BioTime-II-AC Functionalities
Verification Option (1) By Door
(2) By User Accout (Door Setup will be hidden)
User Account  (by Fingerprint Module) Total account FP tempate Max.FP registered /account ( Suprema’s Option)
500/1500 1000/3000 1-10 9500
Backup/Restore Backup/Restore user database (database.cfg) by Web server
Software CiS (Server-Client)
Still open delay time Relay reset time to normal after swipe card or fingerprint (Default=0)
Bypass 1. No (No bypass support)
2. Registry (Access permit only for registered account)
3. Facility Code (System will check only Facility Code on the card)
4. All (All access permit)
Anti Pass Back Web based APB Enable/Disable function provide.When APB enabled then: IN (entry side of door)=Level 1, OUT (exit side of door)=Level 2

BioTime II TA & AC Difference
Door Sensor Detective e-mail alarm Still open delay time Bypass APB
BioTime-II-AC 1.N/A
2.Normal open/close
3.Circuit Short/Open

BioTime II System Diagram

Terminal with software CiS Server-Client Global Connectivity :

CiS Server-Global Client Services Descriptions:
Server to Multi-Client connection thru LAN/WAN/VPN Optional Chart
Standard Server Free Charge, can access full functionality from the computer which installed CiS Server
1 Client 1 USB Dongle with 1 Client License Key
5 Client 1 USB Dongle with 5 Client License Key
10 Client 1 USB Dongle with 10 Client License Key
15 Client 1 USB Dongle with 15 Client License Key
20 Client+ 1 USB Dongle with Unlimit Client License Key
Note 1. CiS Server requires USB Dongle which programmed with different levels License Key
2. Pricing for different connection should be based on (Number)Client * Baisc Cost.
3. Checking with CiS staff for Server-Client request