CiS News

  • Launched our new software TimeTrace on 20th Aug 2014.
  • August 2014 CIS meets with the lord mayors office to discuss Biometric time and attendance to the councils new central hub
  • October 2014 CIS can now incorporate new software to customers using our biometric systems or simply implement the customers existing software to our devices
  • October 2014 CIS employs 4 members of staff whilst in consultation with Invest NI
  • November 2014 CIS now providing high-end Biometric time and attendance to public and private schools and universities
  • CIS now providing fingerprint access / time and attendance to Nursing homes throughout NI/IRE
  • Feb 2015  Our director, and creator of CIS, Aromal visits our partner in Bangalore, India, to become the sole provider of ESSL devices and software to the UK/IRE market. The visit also secured our new office in Bangalore.
  • March 2015 CIS now providing a major insurance company chain with secure access including time and attendance monitoring in 11 offices throughout the UK
  • New advanced Biometric devices to be released late 2015 – all will have POE capability