Company Overview

Capture Innovative Solutions is a leader in Biometric security and business solutions for both the public and private sector. We provide an Automated Finger print Identification System(AFIS), software for finger print identification and search matching  (finger print recognition) are the primary products of us, but it does not stop there, we also provide Retina Scanning devices along with Face Recognition, Palm Reader, Vein Readers. Our devices are used by Police services in the UK including ‘Border control’ to provide  criminal and civil fingerprint identification search and authentication system to their servers. This means that an individual can be remotely scanned by the user and information will be downloaded to the device within seconds to prove the authenticity of the person/s

Capture innovative solutions provides and manages biometric solutions utilizing its proprietary Fingerprint Technology – designed for the purpose of 1- to many fingerprint matching solutions.

The company’s innovation’s is to transform the fingerprint technology where any integrator, Customer or manufacture can pick its own hardware and software and be able to keep the same matching software. Capture Innovative Solutions mission is to provide this solution to its customers in order to make biometrics solution for everyone without worrying of the limitations that scanners have in different environments.

We are committed to providing total and quality Biometric solutions to give technology leverage in enhancing business and security.

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