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School Biometrics

We provide our products to both public and private sector establishments throughout Ireland and the UK, specialising in schools and colleges. The devices have their own software and web-server, which means they can be accessed remotely and generate access reports from anywhere in the world. Our devices also capture time and attendance data which can be linked to any existing payroll software, or we can provide customised software to suit your needs. We also provide face recognition and iris detection units which helps with infection control as there is no need to touch these devices.

CiS  provides full support on each device and related software.

Access control and monitoring in educational establishments

Here at CiS we understand our customer’s security and access system needs, providing a more enhanced security and safety infrastructure for our customers and clients.

We provide various devices which include Fingerprint readers / Iris Scanner / 3 in 1 access control with code, card & fingerprint

Attendance of staff can be recorded, monitoring punctuality and removing any error with regards to payroll calculations. Our devices come with supporting software and can be accessed through a fixed IP which generates all necessary reports linked to payroll.

Monitoring:  Any staff member can be located by identifying the rooms they have entered. Incidents involving staff or students can be investigated more transparently by verifying the location of any individual, in any area, at a given time.

Access Control: The main benefits are to restrict access to areas that could be deemed dangerous (science labs for example) or areas where high value equipment is stored. Educational establishments need to maintain a friendly and welcoming school environment whilst ensuring that the facility is safe and secure, both during the day and when school buildings are unoccupied.

Security advisors often recommend the use of proximity cards or fingerprint readers for schools in key areas such as the main entrance, computer room, science lab, store room, doors used for breaks and physical education classes and other areas of high importance for schools like the staff room where personal belongings may be kept.

Another benefit is that when any contractor is on site, the school can permit restricted access to include only the areas these individuals are working.

If you are a school or college and would like an on-site demo of the device and software please contact 02890342717


CiS News

  • Launched our new software TimeTrace on 20th Aug 2014.
  • August 2014 CIS meets with the lord mayors office to discuss Biometric time and attendance to the councils new central hub
  • October 2014 CIS can now incorporate new software to customers using our biometric systems or simply implement the customers existing software to our devices
  • October 2014 CIS employs 4 members of staff whilst in consultation with Invest NI
  • November 2014 CIS now providing high-end Biometric time and attendance to public and private schools and universities
  • CIS now providing fingerprint access / time and attendance to Nursing homes throughout NI/IRE
  • Feb 2015  Our director, and creator of CIS, Aromal visits our partner in Bangalore, India, to become the sole provider of ESSL devices and software to the UK/IRE market. The visit also secured our new office in Bangalore.
  • March 2015 CIS now providing a major insurance company chain with secure access including time and attendance monitoring in 11 offices throughout the UK
  • New advanced Biometric devices to be released late 2015 – all will have POE capability














Biometrics | Access Control UK

Biometrics determines identity by measuring the physical characteristics or traits that make every human being unique. Biometric devices can verify identity by recognising characteristics including fingerprints, veins, iris, retina, DNA, hand (palm), or face measurements. Behavioural biometrics or traits include a person’s gait, voice, signature or keystrokes.

Biometrics can also be used to identify certain characteristics, such as age or gender, or to mimic movement. In this context biometrics is increasingly used for purposes such as advertising and gaming and is known as soft biometrics.

Why biometrics?

Biometric technology offers the most accurate and reliable form of identification known to man. Unlike other forms of identification, such as passwords, PINs and ID cards, the biological entities used for biometrics cannot be transferred, stolen or lost, so that only the right individuals can gain access to secure areas or critical assets at any time. Accurate identification reduces exposure to the risk of terrorism and fraud, while taking care of more every day concerns, such as staff time-keeping, cost control and personnel movement.

Biometric technology is also proven to reduce the overheads associated with manual processing and hardware. Where biometrics replaces other forms of ID, such as key cards and fobs, organisations can eliminate the costs of replacing and updating hardware altogether. With fewer staff required to supervise and administer identification and access control, organisations can expect significant improvements in productivity and efficiency. It is a fact that HR payroll who use a card/code system pays between 2-4% in wages due to ‘Buddy Punching’, and ‘Code Swapping’

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Capture innovative Solutions is a Private Limited Company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We are the trusted manufactures and distributors of Biometric Access control system in UK/IRE and internationally. We offer a 1 to 1 with our customers, whether it is private or public sector, to acknowledge their needs. We are dedicated in providing a biometric solution and software no matter how complex their needs are.

Capture Innovative Solution is the Global provider of on-demand Biometric solutions

CiS provides a wide range of technology and expertise for easy, secure, and accurate authentication using fingerprint, face, iris and palm. We also provide a system which is 3 in 1, Card, Code and Fingerprint. CiS co-operates with a few selected partners for system integration and implementation in applications. We also provide our own time & attendance software which can generate over 45 reports, one of which can be exported to any existing payroll software for accurate calculation of hours worked.

We are deeply committed to the growth and expansion of the biometrics industry and developing new and innovative applications of biometrics in areas such as Micro Finance, E-Government, Banking, Healthcare, Schools and Colleges. Our products are designed for use by the average consumer, small and corporate businesses and state and local governments as well. We can also provide real-time analytical access for accountability.

CIS Specialise in Biometric security for Pharmacies, Schools, Nursing and care Homes and Biometric security for government Border Control and Passport Control. This includes airports and ports within the UK and further afield. Our devices and systems can be implemented anywhere in the world.