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Pharmacy Biometrics

Benefits to Pharmacies

Pharmacies are an area that CiS are currently focusing on; as pharmacies are have areas that hold high end drugs that are at risk of being stolen and or misplaced. The device we provide can provide added security not only to high end drugs but all drugs and products within the pharmacy. There are a number of other benefits that the device provides

  • Staff clock in and outs can be recorded and linked to the payroll
  • Errors in payroll are eliminated
  • Only qualified members of staff can be granted access to restricted areas
  • Should any drugs go missing the members of staff who entered the room can be accessed via the software giving the pharmacy added accountability instantly
  • Records can be kept for accurate evidence should any incidents arise
  • Reduces any theft that may happen from members of the public by 100%



Biometrics | Access Control UK

Biometrics determines identity by measuring the physical characteristics or traits that make every human being unique. Biometric devices can verify identity by recognising characteristics including fingerprints, veins, iris, retina, DNA, hand (palm), or face measurements. Behavioural biometrics or traits include a person’s gait, voice, signature or keystrokes.

Biometrics can also be used to identify certain characteristics, such as age or gender, or to mimic movement. In this context biometrics is increasingly used for purposes such as advertising and gaming and is known as soft biometrics.

Why biometrics?

Biometric technology offers the most accurate and reliable form of identification known to man. Unlike other forms of identification, such as passwords, PINs and ID cards, the biological entities used for biometrics cannot be transferred, stolen or lost, so that only the right individuals can gain access to secure areas or critical assets at any time. Accurate identification reduces exposure to the risk of terrorism and fraud, while taking care of more every day concerns, such as staff time-keeping, cost control and personnel movement.

Biometric technology is also proven to reduce the overheads associated with manual processing and hardware. Where biometrics replaces other forms of ID, such as key cards and fobs, organisations can eliminate the costs of replacing and updating hardware altogether. With fewer staff required to supervise and administer identification and access control, organisations can expect significant improvements in productivity and efficiency. It is a fact that HR payroll who use a card/code system pays between 2-4% in wages due to ‘Buddy Punching’, and ‘Code Swapping’

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