Capture innovative Solutions is a Private Limited Company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We are the trusted manufactures and distributors of Biometric Access control system in UK/IRE and internationally. We offer a 1 to 1 with our customers, whether it is private or public sector, to acknowledge their needs. We are dedicated in providing a biometric solution and software no matter how complex their needs are.

Capture Innovative Solution is the Global provider of on-demand Biometric solutions

CiS provides a wide range of technology and expertise for easy, secure, and accurate authentication using fingerprint, face, iris and palm. We also provide a system which is 3 in 1, Card, Code and Fingerprint. CiS co-operates with a few selected partners for system integration and implementation in applications. We also provide our own time & attendance software which can generate over 45 reports, one of which can be exported to any existing payroll software for accurate calculation of hours worked.

We are deeply committed to the growth and expansion of the biometrics industry and developing new and innovative applications of biometrics in areas such as Micro Finance, E-Government, Banking, Healthcare, Schools and Colleges. Our products are designed for use by the average consumer, small and corporate businesses and state and local governments as well. We can also provide real-time analytical access for accountability.

CIS Specialise in Biometric security for Pharmacies, Schools, Nursing and care Homes and Biometric security for government Border Control and Passport Control. This includes airports and ports within the UK and further afield. Our devices and systems can be implemented anywhere in the world.